The DOs

  • Do remain optimistic.
  • Do tape boxes; both the top and bottom.
  • Do be sure to label the boxes on the sides and top of the boxes.
  • Do be sure to label a box as fragile if it is.
  • Do use moving boxes.  Liquor boxes are great for liquor, but not much else.
  • Do empty all the contents from all drawers.
  • Do have a plan for your kids and, or pets for the day of the move.
  • Do plan ahead.
  • Do reserve the freight elevator ahead of time.
  • Do begin to pack earlier than you think you will need to.
  • Do put heavier items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes.
  • Do box all lamps and lamp shades.
  • Do try to either donate or get rid of unwanted items before your move.
  • Do consolidate smaller items or boxes into larger boxes.


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