The Prep

  • Plan ahead.  Moving can be very stressful.  Packing usually takes longer than one would think.  
  • Ask family and friends to help prepare.
  • Do a little bit everyday and soon enough it will all be ready to go.
  • Being more prepared for the move means the move will go faster and more money will saved.
  • Everything goes in a box.
  • All boxes get taped on the top and bottom.
  • If a client cannot lift their own box, it’s too heavy.  
  • Plastic bins love linens, blankets, and other light, soft items.  They tend to crack under the weight of books, cds, or magazines which should all be placed in smaller boxes.
  • If you are going to move some things beforehand, consider taking over plants, lamps, cleaning products, and other awkward, loose items.